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Here, we translate dreams into gaming language

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Educational Game


Plataform | Shooter

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Here, we present some of our most recent and successful projects. We are excited to share with you finished and functional games that have provided real and exciting results for our players. From educational games that promote learning in a fun way to purely entertaining games, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. Come on an adventure and discover what our games have to offer!

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Cafézinho em a História do Café

Educational Game

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"Cafézinho em a História do Café" is an immersive educational game set in the historic Fazenda Nossa Senhora da Conceição, presenting an exciting journey through the history of coffee, from its discovery to its global dissemination.

Guided by Cafézinho, children explore interactive scenarios, learn about coffee, and have fun with educational mini-games.


Vamos Lá

Educational Game


"Vamos Lá!" is an educational Portuguese language game that provides fun and professional learning. Players interact with objects in the scene, listening to and practicing pronunciation while choosing the best options.




Plataforma | Shooter

In Pangea Arena, players take on the role of a young Carnotaurus in pursuit of the title of King of Pangea, facing stage bosses and epic challenges in this Boss Rush-style game

Matiz e CLT

other games we worked on

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2.5D | Topdown | Hack'n Slash

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about us

The Onírico Game Studio has been developing playful games since 2023. Founded by Murilo Rodrigues and Eduardo Zawitoski, our mission is to turn people's dreams into reality through captivating and engaging games. Our studio stands out for its emphasis on educational games, always seeking to promote learning and fun simultaneously.

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